Uber Eats at The Grill

Uber Eats in Stratford and East Ham

Uber Eats in Stratford and East Ham

We now offer Uber EATS…

Our Stratford branch is on Uber Eats, and Uber have just extended their locations in London to include our East Ham branch as well.

This means that you can now get our superb meals delivered straight to your front door, from both our branches, for you to enjoy at home!


Choose from our Breakfast or Main Menu for home delivery!

Order your meal online here.

East Ham

Choose from our Main Menu.

Click here to view our menu online.

Stratford: 020 3581 7576

East Ham: 020 8470 0093

 or book online here.

Uber Eats in Stratford and East Ham – The Grill Restaurant 


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