Lunch Menu

Only available at East Ham

£6.00 A Lunch deal

£5.00 a Lunch deal for Key Ring Club Members

Make it your own!

Choose from either beef, lamb or chicken with a side, sauce and drink of your choice

100 gr Beef Steak

100 gr Spicy Beef

100 gr Lamb Steak

100gr Chicken Steak

Grill Lamb chops

Grill Wings

Sandwiches/Bun and a drink

All sandwiches are served with any side and a drink.

Chicken fillet sandwich/Bun

Beef Sandwich/Bun

Spicy Chicken sausage sandwich/Bun

Spicy Beef sausage/Bun

Chicken Bacon sausage/Bun

Club Combinado/Bun

Salads and a drink

Salad, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, olives with grills’ homemade dressing

Chicken salad

Prawn and sweet chillie salad

Spicy beef salad

Greek salad